The Best Portable Air Conditioners For A Jet

Portable AC Unit from WhynterEvery time of the year that it starts to get hot everyone’s brain begin to flock towards one thought, staying cold. However, when traveling and storing investment as expensive as a private jet. You probably want to make sure that it stays in tip top condition and isn’t steaming hot or humid when you want to go for a ride. Leaving your jet on just for air conditioning purposes is probably not a good idea. Also, you’re hangar is probably not going to keep your aircraft as cool as if you had something inside doing the cooling for it.

Thank goodness for the invention of portable air conditioners. This allows us to get right inside and cool down the jet at about half of the cost. Nobody wants to keep an industrial sized building on just to cool your aircraft when you can simply purchase a couple portable air conditioners and placed strategically for a more cost effective solution.

Below is a very quick list of the top Mobile air conditioners that you should consider for your jet.


Known as one of the best manufacturers, Whynter is by no means an average player when it comes to air conditioning. It’s one of the most durable, most advanced and most efficient units that you can find on the market. Try and purchase a dual holes unit to maximize cost and value.


Honeywell is known to the general public as a top notch appliance supplier internationally. Not only do they provide excellent air conditioners, but they also provide excellent refrigerators, ovens, washing machines and more.


Like honey well they are a very well-known appliance supplier across North America and the world. The air conditioners are built very sturdy and durable.

One of our good friends also has a great deal on the best machines online. If staying cool in the summer an issue, you should check out their webpage.